“Home is not the place where you happen to be…it is the place where you feel yourself.”

-Pico Iyer

I have moved a lot -10 states and now two countries. My family is with me and I know that that where we stand together is home. We are growing together in our own unique story.

My clients are the same. You know that where you love and where you are is home. Your most important journeys are with your family – this family that has moved with you time and time again and has grown closer because of it. You cherish the feeling of hugging your youngest tight in your arms and breathing in the scent of their hair. Your weekends are for being together. You may explore new places, watch your kids score a goal in soccer or maybe just enjoy a lazy afternoon snuggling up in that perfect spot on the sofa watching favorite movies.

These are the things that create meaning in your life and I want to help you see, and celebrate your story. Please contact me here and we can get started on your own family story.