Between the Trees – Wassenaar Artist Portrait

If you take a right out of my front door, walk about 200 yards you will be in a wonderful park, with paths, pretty canals, little spring flowers, and tall old growth trees. But then if you look just between these trees and just beyond the canal you will find the most adorable artist studio. It is a little building between the trees and it is owned by this vibrant woman named Linda.

Linda’s space is amazing. She has gorgeous light that filters through the huge north windows and skylights on the roof. Just being in this space made we want to pick up a paintbrush and move right in or plan a cozy little dinner party with friends in the woods.

The shop is called Tussen Kunst & Knots and is a fun mix of books, colorful florals, and commissioned works.  Linda also hosts painting parties and does mini- gallery openings. I can just see how amazing this little spot would look with tiny lights in the early evening while sipping a nice glass of wine…

Tussen WassenaarTussen Wassenaar4Tussen Wassenaar6Tussen Wassenaar2Tussen Wassenaar3Tussen Wassenaar5


  • What a nice surprise to read this little story about Tussen Kunst & Knots. The pictures are lovely!
    Maybe it’s nice to know that every Sunday the atelier is open from 11.00 hr till 16.00 hr, and that the tea is always hot.
    Hopefully a lot of people will find their way to my little atelier between the trees…

    Thanks Kristine!

    Linda Kievid
    facebookpage tussenkunstenknots

  • admin

    Linda – It was a pleasure! Thanks for updating your information so people can get in touch.

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