This year, my family is bringing back a tradition that I love.   Instead of everyone buying everyone a gift or picking names (and essentially swapping gift-cards)  we are doing a make your own Christmas.    Now I come from a big family so for the uninitiated this could pose quite a challenge.  Well not this year Santa…

This year I am killing lot of birds with this perfect little stone from My Lil Creations.  What I have decided to do is make customized desk calendars for everyone!  I know… how smart am I?????  One grandma can enjoy 12 months of Rebecca and the other won’t feel like she’s playing favorites because each month will focus on a different child / grandchild / husband / whatever.   Then I also plan to use this Lil’ gem for an annual gift exchange in my supper club.  Who wouldn’t want 12 months of their favorite gal pals?  Finally I will have the best of all worlds and I can pick my favorites from all the sets I create. 

Tina Parker the creative genius behind these beautiful templates scores again.  This time in a Major, way (thanks Posh).  I can’t wait to get started on these and I promise to follow up with the results.

Finally, what do you think… should these two be the pin-ups for November????


Santa’s Lil’ Helper,


Living in Houston means that we really can enjoy our winters!  Starting in October the weather in Houston really hits a nice stride.  It’s not that hot, the humidity is minimal, and the mosquito’s finally seem to be taking a break.  So we practically live outside.  We take walks, visit the park, play in the backyard, and last weekend we even had a picnic.  Well , we finally hit a little cold snap this week (nigh-time lows in the 40’s and 50’s). 

I went to pick Rebecca up at the park and she was wearing the most adorable little number.  Starting with her feet, she had on WHITE mary janes (I know such a fashion faux pas for November), pink velour pants, a black polk-a-dot onsie, a pink sweater (size 3-6 months and kind of like a half sweater ’cause her little tummy was not entirely covered), a fur lined hooded vest, and the "crowning" glory… a princess hat.  Well let’s just say it totally worked on this little girl!  Plus it worked for me and made me instantly happy to see her on the swing smiling and waving.  What a precious dolly.


Stay warm!


Working with color on digital images is a tricky thing.  A little too much saturation or a little too much contrast and a good photo becomes a bad photo.  Likewise, too little color and contrast can be downright boring.  This little picture is may be a bit more of the color "bust" type.  But somehow I still love it. I guess it just reminds me of a mod-baby-fashion shoot.  Funny thing is that the most true to life part of this image is the color of her eyes.  Yes they are that drop dead gorgeous!  Have any favorite conversion tips that you want to share?  How do you make your images pop without bursting??


Rebecca turns one at the end of this month.  We debated a bit about how we would like to celebrate this milestone and finally decided that a small party with friends and their kids would be perfect.  Of course half the fun for me these days has been in planning and working on her invitation.  Don’t you think it turned out great?  I love the templates at Design Aglow.  These folks have come up with some amazing products that are so easy to use and look even better printed.  After some trial and error, even I was able to figure these out.  LOL!!


Rebecca was such a sweetie this week and even helped me hand deliver some of these to friends at supper club.  What a little doll!

The reviews are already in and these cards have been worth all of the extra effort.  Now onto Christmas cards!