The kids are learning to ride bikes like Dutch people. With confidence, in the street, without hands, carrying groceries, etc. etc. They just love the extra freedom that they have here. Third graders will ride their bikes a couple of miles to school BY THEMSELVES!

Someone mentioned to me that it takes about six months to leave all of the American phobias behind. It feels a bit like how I grew up. More ability to roam, more time outside, and more time to figure things out as a kid. We have not added too many extras to our schedule just yet. I am sure our lives will become more complicated, but right now we are enjoying all the quiet Wassenaar provides.

Oh and you don’t have to look too hard, but Rebecca has lost another tooth. It is amazing she can eat anything at all…

netherlands bikes 2loost toothnetherlands bikes



One of the best memories from the past summer was visiting some dear friends at their farm in Pennsylvania.  Wayne and Kathy are so thoughtful about the life they are creating for themselves and their family.  They believe in happy animals and happy people and together with their four kids, they raise chickens, goats, turkeys and pigs – along with some very happy cats, bunnies and a few other creatures.    All of the animals that they raise are pastured and free to dig in the earth and root in the grass. By creating this working farm committed to raising healthy animals they are providing healthy meats, poultry and eggs for so many people.  You can find out more about their farm and what they are doing here at Herrings Green Grass Farm.

It was an amazing weekend.  Rebecca and Ben jumped right in and loved exploring the farm and holding the chicks, chasing the chickens and helping out with some farm chores.  They caught their first fish, ate ice cream, wondered around, but most importantly they both made some great friends.    We can’t wait to see them again – maybe next summer.

at the farm2at the farm4at the farm3


I am discovering so many beautiful spots to photograph here in our new home of Wassenaar.  I convinced a friend’s daughter to explore with me a bit and try out a new shooting location.  The light and natural beauty here is so inspiring.  I loved photographing this lovely girl in such a magical place.

wassenaar portrait 3Wassenaar portraitwassenaar portrait2


You are growing and changing.  With your own set of ideas, specific humor, and streak of curiosity that just doesn’t quit.  I love your how you are always thinking and creating.  Like your grandmother said to another cousin once “Go see what Rebecca is doing, her mind is always working on something productive.”  Even if it is just pure fun…

We had the very best of times at Casa de Campo this month. It was a special place filled with special people. I loved how happy the kids were to be with their cousins and just enjoying some freedoms and pool time.

I promised that I would keep going through images… So most likely more to come.