I have been intrigued by the industry and buildings of Houston and really just about anyplace for a while.  I find these places sometimes so devoid of people from the exterior but obviously so marked by human industry and commerce.  This is a side project I have been working on and thinking about for a while.   So many of these places have settled into a period of use, re-use and sometimes disuse.  One interesting thing I have noticed since working on this effort, is that these places these micro industries are all around us.  Maybe more so in Houston, but perhaps not.  



We installed new sprinklers and two new square foot gardens (along with a compost bin that I am still trying to keep ‘happy’) a couple of weekends ago.  We spent a lot of time reading about what varieties grow well in our county, what beneficial plants to include, learning about soil, and thinking about location of our little planters.  We monitored the light, built a raised bed, marked out a grid, and started planting.

This week we have been watching our tiny sprouts shoot up from the ground.  It has been such a delight.  Monitoring progress – seeing what is coming up first, what each delicate leaf looks like, and adding in just a touch more water with the watering can.  So far so good – but I have been noticing some squirrel conferences going on nearby.  So we may have to up our defenses at some point 🙂

Happy Spring,


This time of year is so gorgeous! I love the warmth that sun brings, the remaining cool breezes, and the beautiful light at dusk. We are really enjoying our after dinner walks and rides. Chase got his new bike for Christmas and it seemed as if almost immediately he was done with training wheels.  It is great fun to be able to ride bikes together and explore a bit further afield.

By the way, this image is a quick snap from my iphone.  I love how I can shoot, edit and publish in the palm of my hands.



I met this picture perfect family for photos downtown at the Discovery Green.  These three were perhaps the happiest and nicest family I have ever met.  They were so at ease and so filled with joy.  I loved helping them celebrate their little one-year old’s first birthday with portraits.


  • Taylore

    Kristine, thank you so much for your sweet words! You made us feel so at ease and captured our family so perfectly! You are absolutely incredible to work with and your beautiful pictures bring us so much joy every time we look at them! We’re already looking forward to 2nd Birthday pictures!

Between getting dressed and breakfast this is where I found Rebecca this morning.  Reading quietly aloud to herself in Chase’s room.  Apparently he asked her to read him a story and when he lost interest she kept going.  It is as if reading is something that like so many other things she is working out for a big part on her own.

I loved the quiet moment that she found for herself this morning.  In just a few short weeks this one is kindergarten bound.  Based on this one example that she is ready.