Custom Memory Boxes – Wassenaar Family Portrait Photography

I participated in a local South Holland art and craft show and met this fantastic local artists named Karianne. She creates these lovely bespoke boxes out of gorgeous papers and fabrics. And the best part is that she loves the challenge of creating one of kind items. I have been on the lookout for more products and ways to showcase the stories of my clients and I think that I have found something that is truly one of a kind. The fabric is imported Italian linen and the ribbon is a lovely double-faced satin that is so soft and smooth.

We got together and talked about creating a “prototype” that could be used to showcase some great client images sized in a manageable desktop size. Kariannes boxes are perfect for families that want to capture and celebrate their own life story. In fact, I have a similar box of images and mementos on my own bedside table. One evening this week, while talking, reading and getting the kids ready for bed, my son started to look at the box. He carefully went through each image and item. He examined every photo, some a bit old and tattered, but he had questions and genuine interest in what I had chosen to hold near and dear. Having a special place for images and bits of our story, allowed my son and I to learn a bit more about each other and perhaps ourselves.

I cannot think of a stronger argument for printing and sharing the photos of our life. They help us better understand our journey but also remind us of the gift of the present. I would love to hear from you in the comments as to how you would use this little box. What images would you keep. Who would you want to share your story with?

custom boxes1


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