Simple Sessions – Tulip Season for Expat Family

One of the joys of being a photographer, especially one who photographs expats, is the ability to help families to document and remember their experience of their adopted country. The kids grow, the tulip season only lasts a couple of months and of course there is always that next assignment or expat move just around the corner.

But to take the time, to acknowledge, document, and celebrate the gift of our experience is invaluable. With this family, on the verge of so many new things, right around the corner – it was a pleasure to photograph these tiny moments. Like the moment a girls best friend could stand it not a second longer and decides to join her in the field. The love and sweetness between a child and her pet is so simple and so devoted. Or the special way a father has of making a “tween” cringe at the idea of one more kiss on a forehead. Or the tangible and kinetic love of a mother and a daughter. I felt and experienced all of these things in my short time photographing this family. I hope you can see what I felt as well.


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