Simple Sessions – Wassenaar and South Holland Tulip Season

The tulips and color are so amazing right now in South Holland.  I was able to get out and photograph some family sessions this past weekend.  I picked a spot to close to Lisse, kind of on the way to the Keukenhof and in the heart of the tulip growers belt in The Netherlands.  It is a riot of color out there right now and around every bend is a beautiful field of tulips, daffodils, and sweet smelling hyacinths.  The color is almost overwhelming…

I love learning a bit more about the families I photograph.  To be a successful expat, I think  you need to be open and ready for adventure and this family was!  It was their first winter and the little ones shivered just a bit in our “Holland” spring weather.  But they were brave and having fun.  There is something magic about being in a field planted with flowers whose sole purpose is to bring joy.  Colorful, bright, joy.  


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