Two Kids on Skates – Wassenaar Portraits of Expats

The alternative title to this post could have been bicycle built for two (or easily 3). We are working on making more room in the garage for the important stuff like BIKES, fancy new dutch bikes that is. The current count was 8 bikes for 4 people! I have a country bike and a city or “oma” bike (that is the traditional dutch bike where you sit up tall and oma means grandma in dutch) and now Ben has a mountain bike and a road bike. Oh and the kids each got a new bike when we arrived. Big hulking heavy Dutch bikes that have baskets and are pretty much indestructible. So to make room, we donated the kids old bikes to a recycle shop called a Kringloopwinkel in Wassenaar (reducing said bike count to a mere 6), but we came away with “new” in-line skates for the kids. Oh and we did try out a handmade bike built for 2!  So hard to ride but actually fun to imagine owning this bike – one seat for an adult and one seat for a kid – both with pedals!

I had to swallow big and walk away a lot with this new form of transportation. The kids found the smoothest track at the park down the street (asphalt as compared with the cobblestone street that we live on) and it felt good to let them go the park on their own to check things out. The only rule I made was if someone gets bloody the un-bloody kid was to take off their skates and run home barefoot. Fortunately that call never came. They loved that they were able to donate something they no longer needed and were able to get something that brought them joy. I think you can see some of the joy that trying something new in these portraits of my little Expats below.
new skates3
new skates7new skates6new skates5

new skates4new skates8new skates9new skates 2new skates


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